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Introducing RevaEDGE

RevaEDGE empowers organisations with the ability and transparency to over-see work performance thus giving confidence to decision making. It can be used throughout organisations across any industry to transition from inefficient siloed management to an integrated and systemised approach.

What Does It Offer?

RevaEDGE is a robust and scalable system that can be adapted to any organisation’s environment allowing fit-for-purpose implementation of work processes. RevaEDGE provides a phase gated framework which supports any organisational process including but not limited to Capital Investments, Procurement and Project Management.



Phase Gated Framework

Establish your fit-for-purpose decision making process with dynamic phase gates and identified work processes. Establish complete transparency of your decisions and ensure all work requirements have been completed


Finding & Actions

Record, register and keep track of your findings, risks and associated action items. Be notified when action items are assigned and due so you can confirm closure.


Assurance & Monitoring

Oversee work done throughout the organisation for specific functions and activities to conduct assurance, monitor compliance and ensure tasks are aligned to business objectives.


Work Process Management

Plan and execute your work processes collaborating with team members to manage documentation, record data, lessons learnt and process completion.


Metrics Analysis & Dashboards

Gain visibility on your key performance metrics, exposing valuable insights and trends, identifying areas in need of improvement and intervention.


Data Integration & Integrity

Integrate process frameworks so that organisations can consolidate and reduce data silos increasing availability and accuracy of information.